Link of the week: a new Friday feature?

I thought it would be fun to connect to other interesting financial news stories and sources out there, so I may make this a regular weekly thing. If you run across stories you’d like to share, let me know in comments, or join the forum page and share them there.

Anitra came across this news story about how people are paying their credit card debt with more success than just a few years ago. Apparently there are fewer delinquent accounts, and the average percentage of the debt that gets paid each month is greater.

The article does note that this is probably due in large part to banks cutting off bad credit risks, not just to people acting smarter on their own. But isn’t that what banks should have done in the first place, to be responsible? So I think, either way, it’s a very positive bit of news.

Discuss: Do you think it’s unequivocal good news? Have your own credit card behaviors changed over the years? Did the Great Recession have any impact on how you view debt?

Paying credit card

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