Welcome to the headquarters of the League of Ordinary Savers, a society designed to help regular people take control of their finances, face their money fears, solve knotty personal finance problems, and secure their financial future so they can enjoy life, now and for the rest of their lives.

Although I’m not a trained financial professional, nor do I claim to be a money guru, I do have the benefit of experience. My financial life — and thus, much of the rest of my life — seemed destined for calamity at one point. I started my adult life ignorant about money management and unaware of the ramifications of poorly managing things. For many years I struggled and made terrible decisions. In 2007 I saw rock-bottom coming at me fast, and it scared me to my core. From then on I started to claw my way toward financial security, still making mistakes, changing my plan of attack from time to time, but making incremental progress.

My finances still aren’t perfect, and I have a lot of things I want to accomplish that are tied to money. I’m still learning, still progressing, still growing. But now that I feel somewhat confident, I want to reach out to others — friends as well as anyone else who needs someone to talk to. If there are others like me out there going through similar struggles, or just generally fearful of taking an honest look at their big-picture financial situation, I want to help. And I want to bounce my own ideas and situation off other people, because I’m sure I’m not seeing every side of my own financial picture. I know I’d benefit from getting other perspectives.

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  1. Taylor Murphy

    Hey there! I’m a freelance writer working on a piece about financial solutions and would love to hear a story or two of yours about your personal experience dealing with your own obstacles and ‘finance journey’. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at taylormurphy44@yahoo.com.


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