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Just a note to say I’m still here (and a link to an article I wrote)

Fellow Savers, I realize it’s been a while since I’ve updated this website. It’s not like I’ve forgotten it; even if I wanted to, spammers attempt to post comments almost daily and remind me that this site is sitting here, waiting for me to fill it with words again.

And several times since mid-February, I’ve nearly posted. But right now my own financial life feels so in flux, it’s hard to write as if I’ve figured anything out. I’m still figuring things out myself. My seemingly routine financial year has turned into one of the most eventful to date. My annual goals have been blown out of the water, in a (mostly) good way. My family’s future plans have narrowed and focused at last, but also new possibilities have opened themselves up, so there are still tons of variables to consider.

I’m pretty sure I’m up to it, but I’ve had trouble feeling confident enough to write authoritatively about any of it.

A few ideas are crystallizing for future posts, so stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s an article I wrote for another website back in February but never got around to posting on my own site: 4 Ways to Stick With Your Debt Payoff Plan. (Ironic to be sure, since I recently decided to wait until next year to complete my family’s debt payoff, which we could have accomplished this year, and focus on a different goal instead. But I still stand by my advice, and will follow it once this other big goal is reached.)

Missed You

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